Sverre Flåskjer, Equip Capital
Sverre Flåskjer
Managing Partner
Equip Capital

Sverre has 17 years of private equity experience and 27 years of experience in total from Equip, McKinsey, Herkules Capital and Orkla. He has previously held positions as Associate Principal at McKinsey, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Herkules Capital, interim CEO at Estrella Maarud, interim CEO at Nille and Marketing Director at Orkla Confectionary. Sverre has been Chairman and board member of a number of companies including Espresso House, Elektroimportøren, Estrella Maarud and Didriksons 1913. Sverre holds a Master of Science with a Major in Finance from the Norwegian School of Economics.

Sverre is currently the chairman of the board of Makeup Mekka, Funplays, Holy Greens, Bastard Burgers, and a board member of Rush, Ryde, Cure Media and Mountain Village